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Divorcing the System is the gripping story of how one man's unforeseen, acrimonious divorce enabled him to lead others on a march to Tallahassee to fight for all Floridians' rights, from working with lobbyists, to canvassing legislators, and even dealing with the Florida Bar. A must-read for any person who wants a behind-the-scenes tour into the history and future of alimony reform in Florida, and possibly the entire nation.

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Alan Frisher would have preferred to remain as he started out: A hard-working, successful entrepreneur, and a happily married father of three. But, after his 13-year marriage exploded into an acrimonious divorce, Alan was rendered financially insolvent at the hands of 'the system,' nearly losing his job, almost going bankrupt, and being threatened with incarceration.

Imbued with a strong sense of justice, Alan embarked on a journey that eventually led him to the steps of the Florida State Capitol. He joined others like himself, as well as lobbyists, and legislators, to reform laws that encourage greedy family lawyers and their bedfellow judges to sentence citizens, both men and women, to life without parole of fiscal servitude to their ex-spouses.

After leading challenging, but unsuccessful charges to Tallahassee in 2011 and 2012, the 2013 Florida Legislative session looked to be the year for Florida's Family Law Reform. FLR successfully fought one of the most powerful political forces in the state, the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar who fought tenaciously to protect their piece of multi-billion-dollar pie.

From his unique perspective, Alan clearly lays out why alimony laws are draconian and outdated, and he gives a first-hand account that will leave readers biting their nails at just how difficult it is to achieve reform.

About the Author: Alan Frisher is the spokesman and president of Family Law Reform, Inc., a not-for-profit, family law advocacy organization. Alan's efforts to bring about sweeping change in alimony reform in the state of Florida have been written about in Time Magazine, USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Sun Sentinel. He has also appeared on Fox 35 TV, the Anderson Cooper Show, and National Public Radio (NPR).

Alan is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, who works within a network of attorneys and counselors that truly believe collaborative divorce negotiations keep families intact throughout and after the divorce process. He is also the owner of Sage Financial Management in Melbourne, Florida. ( and

"Sage Divorce made the process of my divorce stress free and final without having to go to court..." - JS

Stay in Financial Shape Before, During and After Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a painful prospect. It's wrought with emotions that can cloud a person's judgment when it comes to making financial decisions. An authority on the financial aspects of divorce, Alan Frisher has appeared on the Anderson Cooper show, radio & TV news programs, and been quoted in USA Today. An expert Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Alan provides information, guidance and peace of mind about your money, helping you gain control over your finances before, during and after your divorce.

Save Time

It can take anywhere from 18 months to 3 years to get a divorce in Florida. Divorcing couples spend much of their time trying to understand the financial aspects and terminology of the separation. Alan explains all the financial aspects of the pending decisions, and empowers his clients to make educated decisions throughout the divorce proceedings,saving you valuable time and money.

Save Money

Failing to understand how a proposed legal settlement with your ex will affect your finances can be detrimental, time consuming and expensive. Alan explains the often-complicated financial decisions involved so you have a clear view of your financial future. As a result, you can ensure a legal settlement fully addresses your financial needs and capabilities, now and in the future.

Avoid Long-Term Financial Pitfalls

Working collaboratively with his client (and team attorney), Alan is able to forecast the long-term effects of the divorce settlement. This includes details of all tax liabilities and benefits. Developing a long-term forecast for his client's financial situation is far better than a short-term snapshot. Financial decisions must be made that not only take care of immediate family needs, but retirement needs as well.

Develop Realistic Household Budget

Expenses such as life insurance, health insurance, child expenses and cost of living increases must be taken into consideration when agreeing on a final financial settlement. Alan will help you think through what the divorce will really cost in the long run, and develop a realistic monthly budget during the financial analysis process.

Reduce Apprehension and Misunderstanding

Misinformation and misconceptions about the divorce process can be detrimental. Many have false expectations that they will, either on their own or solely with their Attorney, be able to secure a divorce settlement that allows them to continue with their accustomed style of living. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Alan helps to ensure his clients a good, stable economic future and prevent long-term regret with financial decisions made during the divorce process.

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